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When area homeowners hire a Raleigh siding company to install siding on a new home or replace the exterior siding on an existing home, they have some choices to make. Each available siding option is different when it comes to durability, initial cost, total cost and required maintenance.

Vinyl siding is versatile, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain, which has made it an increasingly popular option. Although it can be painted, it does not require it, and proper maintenance usually amounts to annual power washing. Ideally, vinyl siding should last 50 years, but it can be punctured during storms and become brittle from direct sun exposure.

Wood siding is popular because it has a rich, distinct look that is not quite matched by siding options with wood-like surfaces. Nevertheless, wood siding can be expensive per square foot, and it requires regular extensive maintenance, including chalking and painting or staining in order to achieve a full lifespan. Poorly maintained wood siding can last as little as a decade.

Genuine brick siding is usually only installed when a house is built and is becoming increasingly rare due to the material and labor costs.

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An alternative to genuine brick siding is a brick veneer, but veneers have the downside of being susceptible to water penetration. Membranes can help protect against structural damage, but this could be a potential issue for homeowners.

Fiber-cement siding is a prevalent option because it has low material and labor costs, is easy to maintain and can achieve the look of wood, stucco or even masonry. The siding is non-flammable and termite-resistant, and modern fiber-cement siding is not susceptible to moisture problems. Note that fiber-cement installed prior to 1990 is not as reliable.

Stone siding made from materials like limestone and granite are popular because they offer interesting, natural colors, or a combination of colors, and a lot of highly defined texture. Stone siding is even more expensive than brick siding, and like with brick, there are veneer options. Stone-veneer siding made from synthetic materials is quite beautiful and durable, but the materials and labor are much cheaper.

Stucco siding tends to come in and out of style periodically. Whatever the case currently, it remains a viable option. The biggest concern with stucco is installation, and it is essential that the installer perform a thorough job less the stucco require constant repair. If installed properly, stucco is very durable but requires monitoring for cracking and immediate attention if cracks occur.

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