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Other than the roof, the most vulnerable area of the home is the siding because it is constantly exposed to weather and the sun. In order for the interior of the home to be successfully protected, the siding must be as strong as possible. Thanks to modern developments, there are far more great siding options for homeowners in today's world than there used to be, and improvements to less popular choices in the past have allowed homeowners to receive the biggest bang for their buck while not having to compromise on curb appeal. One of the best improvements manufacturers have made to modern siding materials is that many types last much longer than they used to.

When selecting siding, homeowners should consider which product will best suit their budget and how much maintenance would be required. For example, some products might be more prone to fading when exposed to the sun more than others might. Homeowners can contact a Raleigh siding expert to discuss which options are best suited for their specific requirements. Some materials complement certain housing styles better than others, and the local climate is also an important factor to consider when selecting siding material.

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Stucco is a popular siding choice because it is not as expensive as other types, and a large variety of textures and colors can be applied to achieve a unique look. Three coats might be applied during installation: A scratch coat that allows it to adhere to the building, a brown coat that provides an even surface, and a finish coat that creates the aesthetic appearance.

Fiber cement is typically comprised of sand, wood fibers and cement. This type of siding maintains its strength by the wood fibers, which make it resistant to cracking, rotting, insects and deterioration from UV rays and salt. It requires less maintenance than other products as well; it will need to be refinished after approximately 15 years. It is available in several different textures and colors or can be purchased unfinished.

Wood siding is a popular choice because of its timeless appearance. It can be purchased in a variety of options, such as shingles and shakes. Wood generally requires much more maintenance than other siding products, which might include power washing and applying another coat of stain in order to seal it.

There are other siding choices available, such as stone veneer, brick and vinyl. Almost every type of siding product allows a great variety of customizable finishes and color choices, making it easy for homeowners to choose a cost effective product that effectively protects their home.

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