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When it comes to choosing new siding for an existing home or new construction, many homeowners go with vinyl siding. It is a popular choice because vinyl siding offers many advantages for homeowners who are looking for affordable siding that still offers great protection against the elements. While it is true that vinyl siding meets the needs of many homeowners, they should consult with an expert Raleigh siding contractor before making any final decisions.

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl siding that captures homeowners' interest is its cost; vinyl siding is one of the most affordable options on the market. In addition, vinyl siding also makes homes more energy efficient, which can money when it comes to heating and cooling bills. Vinyl siding is also cheaper than other types of siding to have professionally installed. Additionally, vinyl siding is long-lasting, meaning that it could be decades before a home needs to be re-sided.

Besides having a long lifespan, vinyl siding is incredibly durable. It is able to withstand extreme weather, does not rot and cannot be damaged by insects or pests like wood siding can. It requires very little maintenance; other than simple cleaning with a garden hose and detergent, the siding may need a simple coat of paint made specifically for vinyl siding to remain looking new.

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Furthermore, vinyl siding can come in a wide range of colors and styles to fit the homeowner's aesthetic needs.

As with any type of siding materials, there are a few disadvantages to vinyl siding that homeowners should be aware of. Probably the biggest disadvantage is once vinyl siding has been installed, the color of the siding cannot be changed without having all of the siding replaced. This also means that if some of the siding is damaged, an exact match will be needed if a portion of the siding needs to be replaced. Additionally, if the home should catch fire or if a barbecue grill is too close to the side of the home, the vinyl siding may burn and release carcinogens into the environment.

Choosing a home's siding is an incredibly important decision for a homeowner. Because there are several advantages and disadvantages to choosing vinyl siding, homeowners should weigh all of the available options and consider the factors before making any decisions. If the homeowner is seriously considering vinyl siding, the contractor may be able to help by providing further information and samples.

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