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To homeowners in Raleigh siding brings to mind one thing--vinyl. The word conjures images of plastic-clad, spec houses, which pretty much all look the same. While vinyl siding remains a cost-effective solution to exterior maintenance and has improved to offer more color and pattern choices, there are more options available for those who wish for greater curb appeal.

Traditional wood siding has been around for a long time. It requires more upkeep than most types of siding, but for a classic look on new construction or for restoring historic homes, it is still a good fit. Much of the work involved in maintaining wood siding comes from repainting and replacing rotten boards. Thanks to advances in lumber treatment and exterior paint, the time between these tasks has been greatly extended. The initial cost of wood siding will run higher than vinyl, but it is still an affordable, mid-range option.

Fiber cement siding is one of the newest types of siding available. It is shaped fiber cement board, which is more durable than vinyl and comes in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Unlike vinyl, it can be painted if the homeowner ever gets tired of the color.

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It is slightly more difficult to install and can pose a respiratory hazard when being cut, which makes it a job best left to professionals. The real advantage to fiber cement is the vast array of textures available. This allows homeowners an amazing array of choices when deciding how they want the facing of the house to look.

A slightly less popular option is aluminum siding. It is a lightweight, durable and low maintenance siding that is less prone to cracking and warping than vinyl. The main downside to this material is its susceptibility to denting. Even when damage occurs, replacing a piece of siding is still a simple task. Homeowners are more limited in textures and styles, but it can be primed and painted over if the need ever arises.

Finally, there is synthetic stone or brick. For a fraction of the cost in materials and labor versus traditional masonry, a house can be styled in almost any way imaginable. These materials vary in price and quality, but the better manufacturers create panels which only a mason could discern form the real thing. The true marvel of modern synthetics is the ability to design elegant structures without having to shoulder the weight and cost of traditional brick or stone facades. The word 'siding' may cause those with refined aesthetic tastes to turn up their noses, but with modern manufacturing, there is truly something for every taste.

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