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Wood siding offers a natural look and feel that is pleasing to the eye. Wood siding is easy to install, and it usually goes on buildings very quickly. One of the best things about using wood siding is that it is simple to replace if it becomes damaged. Another advantage is that wood can be stained or painted any color for a customized style.

Cedar and other wood used by Raleigh siding companies can be placed on a home in several profiles. Some of the most popular include tongue and groove and bevel siding. Bevel siding is usually placed horizontally where one piece of siding overlaps the next. Tongue and groove can be placed horizontally or vertically, and it provides a flat surface that is easy to sand and stain.

Board and batten style is a little different because it uses cedar boards placed vertically with smaller boards nailed over the seams of the boards for a raised look. Lap siding is similar to tongue and groove, but the boards are not connected to each other; instead, they are butted against the edges of the other board and nailed in place.

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Using cedar is one of the best ways to give a building a natural feel, but it does require regular maintenance. Homes and businesses that have cedar siding must be inspected and repaired annually to keep them in good shape.

Homeowners should be aware that rain damages wood quickly, and it can spread, causing mold or rot. One of the best ways to protect cedar siding is to coat it in a sealer to prevent water penetration and bug infestations like termite invasions. Cedar naturally repels water and bugs, so it is one of the best types of wood to use when siding a building. The main thing for property owners to remember is to inspect the siding at regular intervals, like spring and fall, for damage or insects. In addition, regularly applying sealant or paint is one of the best ways to keep cedar from warping, chipping and rotting.

Cedar is an ideal choice for siding because it holds in heat, providing a natural shield against cold weather. It also takes a lot longer for cedar to rot than other types of wood, so cedar lasts longer than other wood options. One of the best benefits about siding with cedar is that it is very versatile, and cedar can be used on a large variety of building styles.

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