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With so many different choice when it comes to siding, it's no wonder that people find themselves choosing the same options that their friends and neighbors did. Homeowners who are tired of seeing the same vinyl, metal and wood siding on homes might find themselves drawn to Hardie siding. Available from manufacturer James Hardie, the material has a number of benefits when compared to other products. Regardless of the look that homeowners want to achieve, they can work with a Raleigh siding company to select the best type of Hardie siding for their homes.

One of the first things the company will go over are the types of siding available. Vertical siding, sometimes called board and batten siding, is popular with those drawn to vintage or traditional looks. Instead of sitting horizontally on the walls, this siding goes on vertically, which can add some texture to the space. Another option is lap siding, which gets its name because the pieces of siding overlap. Others may prefer the look of Hardie shingle siding, which has the look of multiple shingles. Homeowners can choose between staggered shingles or shingles with straight edges to achieve any classic or modern look for their home.

James Hardie also manufactures a variety of different construction materials designed to make installation easier.

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Backing boards protect the home and siding and is easy to use. Contractors can either cut the board or use utility knives for scoring the boards before installing a backing board behind the siding. Soffit panels are also available. These panels go over the soffits on the house and match back to the siding to create a finished look. James Hardie also makes waterproof wrapping products that block out rain.

One benefit associated with Hardie siding is its durability. Unlike other manufacturers, the company applies multiple coats of dye to each product to ensure that it has a true-to-life color and that the color will last for years or even decades. The company also uses a unique curing process that keeps the color from flaking off and protects the siding against fading. Other benefits of Hardie siding include its affordable cost performance. When compared to other siding types, it often costs less, and Hardie products can hold up to a number of environmental and weather conditions including rain, winds and pollution. Those looking for new siding can get in touch with a contractor to learn more about the benefits of Hardie products.

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