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Roof inspections should be conducted on a yearly basis. Many people choose to perform this task in spring so that they can find any damage from winter or prevent damage in the summer storm seasons.

If getting up on the roof is not a problem for a homeowner, five potential problems that can easily be spotted will indicate that it is time for new shingles. It may be possible to see these issues from the ground, but it is better to perform an up close inspection. If getting up on the roof is not possible, homeowners should call a Raleigh roofing contractor to perform the inspection.

The first sign of damage that can be spotted on the roof is shingles that are curling around the edges. Curling can occur with age or when the shingles have been exposed to excessive amounts of heat. In the South, the extreme heat can cause this to happen over a period of several years. Once curled, these shingles no longer protect the roof from rain, and wind can easily lift them off the roof.

The next sign that the shingles need to be replaced is bare spots in the shingles.

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Shingles have asphalt coatings on them to make them more durable during any type of weather conditions. When these shingles age, they can lose the coating and no longer protect the roof.

Broken or missing shingles are another danger to the structure of the roof. This can happen many ways, especially in areas where severe storms or hurricanes occur. Once broken, water can seep into the wood beneath the shingles and cause damage to the roof and home.

Buckling shingles usually occur on older roofs or in areas where a lot of ice forms on the roof. The usual cause for this buckling is a problem with the underlayment or when the wood becomes too wet.

The final sign that replacement of the shingles or roof system is necessary is damage to or around the flashing. The caulk or tar used to seal flashing can corrode or break over time. Water can easily get into these areas and cause wood to rot.

A complete roof inspection each year can help prevent severe damage from occurring or stop any damage that may have already been done by the bad shingles. By finding any problems with the roof in its early stages, it is possible to prevent extensive and expensive damage to the roof and home.

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