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A roof warranty is a kind of guarantee that a roof will last for a certain amount of time. It is also a promise by the maker of the roof system to either replace or repair defective parts. However, this doesn't mean that roof warranties will cover all kinds of problems. For example, roof warranties don't guarantee that a roof won't leak. They also don't ensure that suitable materials are used on the right building type. This is why it is important to choose a reputable Raleigh roofing professional.

Roof warranties can be quite confusing. An example of this is the issuance of roof warranties for 10, 12 or even 15 years. Purchasing a longer warranty doesn't extend the life of a roof system. When considering roof warranties, the primary focus should be on any limitations specified in the warranty.

First, make certain the warranty a roofing professional provides is in line with the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers have both material warranties and system warranties. If the manufacturer's warranty and roof contractor warranty are in agreement, then it is a good idea to establish a yearly, or bi annual, cleaning and routine maintenance plan with the roof company. This arrangement will make the roof last longer, decrease incidents of leaks and prevent the warranty from becoming void.

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Respectable roofing companies generally include one to five year warranties that are explained in plain English. Check the warranty for any loophole clauses. For example, some roofing companies provide 10 year "no leak" promises that often do not cover workmanship. This can be avoided by asking for the ideal workmanship guarantee. Another concern is whether the warranty has monetary limits. Insist that the provided base manufacturer warranty be a No Dollar Limit warranty (NDL).

The majority of roof warranties are for materials only, which means there may be labor fees. Additionally, roof warranties can sometimes be difficult to honor. A defense against this situation is to avoid warranties with too many exclusions. Long lists of exclusions are usually accompanied by long lists of events that are grounds for nullification, which renders a warranty void.

Finally, ensure that the roof contractor is authorized by the manufacturer to install the roof system and guarantee the materials being recommended. Determine if the roofing company has existed for enough time to have an excellent reputation in the marketplace, and that there is confidence that the company will be in business long enough to fulfill the duration of the warranty.

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