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Moss growing on a roof is not uncommon, especially in Southern climates where the weather is humid, encouraging growth. However, moss can destroy roof shingles and lead to severe structural damage.

Moss, like all plants, needs water to grow. Because moss does not need soil to live in, it simply implants itself on a surface and collects water into its root system. Moss is connected to the roof, so the water it stores is directly in contact with the roofing materials. Extended exposure to the water or dampness caused by the moss will rot the shingles and eventually the roof.

It is very important to remove moss growth as soon as possible. For homeowners who do not mind climbing up on a roof, a very stiff broom, a scraper and a hose may be all that is needed to remove the moss. If a homeowner is not inclined to climb or work on the roof, contacting a Raleigh roofing company will be the best solution.

When removing moss on the roof, homeowners should make sure that slip resistant shoes are worn. Moss and the underlying damp areas can be very slippery.

The roofing experts at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding shingle roofing or decks.

Property owners should begin removing the moss by brushing as much of it off as possible with a stiff broom. This usually is the best method for removing a majority of the growth. Homeowners should make sure not to press too hard on the shingles because they may break or become loosened.

Once the majority of moss is removed, it may be necessary to use the scraper to remove the remaining moss. This may require some effort because moss can become deeply embedded in the shingles.

When all of the moss is removed, homeowners should rinse the roof off with a commercial product that is intended to kill roof moss. If this product is not available in the area, homeowners can mix a cup of laundry soap with 10 gallons of water to make a solution to remove the moss. It's best to avoid using a pressure washer because it can damage tiles. Bleach should also be avoided. Bleach can discolor the roof, and the runoff from the roof can kill landscaping.

Once all the moss is removed and the roof has been cleaned, homeowners should take action to prevent future growth by purchasing thin copper stripping and attaching it to the peaks of the roof. When it rains, copper particles will coat the roof and stop any moss from growing again.

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