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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Spring Maintenance Tips For The Roof

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A home is a solid investment, so keeping the roof in good repair will pay off in lower overall costs. An easy way for homeowners to do that is to have the roof checked out regularly. Taking preventative steps in early spring can catch any wear or damage that an abusive winter might have caused. The elements can be especially hard on roofs. Rain, ice, mold and mildew can all take their toll. Catching problems before they get bigger or multiply can help to protect a homeowner's investment.

Inspections shouldn't be limited to just older roofs. Even if a roof is only a couple of years old, it is a good idea to have a reliable Raleigh roofing company take a look for any potential problems. Good maintenance practices will also help to extend the life of the roof. Keeping gutters cleared of debris and leaves, watching for damaged or missing shingles, and paying attention to mold that might be growing are easy fixes.

Wet and slippery roofs can be dangerous for someone to walk on, so Raleigh homeowners shouldn't take any chances with their safety.

The expert roofers at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding shingle roofing or metal roofing.

If it is late in the season, having a professional do the investigation might be a better option. Professionals have the proper tools to remove pine needles and damp leaves off a roof before mold and mildew can form underneath them. Piles of leaves can also interfere with runoff water and add more weight to the roof. A simple garden rake or a shop broom makes clearing the roof of debris quick and easy but can also damage tiles and gutters if the homeowner isn't careful.

Homeowners may want to hire a professional to check the roofing drain pipes and downspouts. They will look for leaks, clogs or other damage that might interfere with the way rainwater is draining. Getting the water away from the roof is essential, so split seams, gutters pulling loose or cracked pipes should all be fixed promptly. Scooping wet, moldy leaves from inside the downspout is also a must. They will also fix any nails that might have worked themselves loose over the winter.

For more extensive damage, contacting Otto Home Services for a thorough evaluation can help to avoid more costly repairs later on. Replacing the chimney mortar that might be crumbling, inspecting the chimney pot for damage or sealing off the top from rain or birds should always be done by a professional.

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