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Unless water is leaking into the home, it can be tough for residents to determine the right time to replace a roof. Luckily, there are many signs a homeowner can watch for that help make that decision more clear-cut.

Inspecting the roof a couple of times a year and after major storms can head off many issues. Plus, this routine check helps homeowners recognize what looks normal for their homes and what is a harbinger of damage.

A thorough inspection begins with a walk around the outside of the house, with homeowners looking carefully at the roofline, gutters and flashing. As homeowners look at their rooflines, they should watch for signs of moss or algae growing on the roof. Moss and algae should be addressed immediately, preferably by a certified Raleigh roofing expert who can determine whether shingles have been damaged by the growth.

Another quick scan of the roof can provide more information about the roof's health too. Dark or black spots on shingles may indicate that the protective granule layer is shedding. Loose or torn edges and curling or buckled shingles may be the precursor to a leak.

The roofing experts at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding shingle roofing or gutters.

And, changes in the uniform surface pattern of the roof may point to missing, torn or loose shingles.

Gutters are also an important checkpoint. If shingles lose their outer layer of protective granules, they often wash down to the gutters, where they remain as a signal that all is not well. Gutter tears, loosened fastenings and pooling water also should be addressed.

Next, homeowners need to look at the roof's flashing. Walking onto the roof itself may cause new damage, so homeowners should inspect the flashing around the chimney, skylights and eaves from a stepladder. Caulking around the flashing should be uniform and smooth; if it's cracked or peeling, that may indicate a deeper problem.

After the exterior is examined, homeowners should head inside, looking for wet spots or brown, gray or yellowish stains on the ceiling. Wavy walls, moist window frames and bubbled paint are also signs of leaks that need repair. Similarly, a sagging roof deck in the attic can point to a problematic leak.

Semi-annual roof checks may seem like a nuisance, but catching roof problems early makes sense. Not only can homeowners avert many potentially progressive problems and save thousands of dollars, but frequent roof checks help homeowners become familiar with their roofs. This familiarity enables homeowners to make wiser choices about their homes.

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