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Most roofing experts recommend that homeowners take some time each year to properly inspect their roof for signs of damage, but not everyone follows the same schedule. Homes in areas that receive heavy rainfall in spring and fall need to be inspected twice a year. Even those who live in mild climates should make a habit of visually inspecting their roofs semi-annually to prevent the impact of damage. While a Raleigh roofing expert can conduct a thorough inspection, most homeowners have the skills and tools necessary to take a look at their roofs.

Timing matters when it comes to roof inspections. Homeowners should avoid waiting until deep winter or the middle of summer to assess their roof because problems may occur well before a freeze or heat wave sets in. Ideally, homeowners would inspect their roofs in the spring and fall. Checking a roof in the spring lets homeowners see how well their systems held up during the snow and ice of the previous winter season while allowing them to prepare for heavy sun exposure in the summer. Fall inspections encourage adequate preparation for the coming winter.

For spring inspections, homeowners need to look closely indoors and out for signs of water damage or leaks. Winter freezes may cause ice to get lodged in the crevices or vulnerable areas like the flashing, so homeowners need to inspect for pooled water on the roof and gutters as well as inside the attic.

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Spring is a great time to make sure that asphalt shingles are properly granulated to keep out excessive ultraviolet rays from the sun.

In the fall, homeowners should consider trimming back tree limbs that present a threat to the roof. Storms don't happen as frequently in fall and winter, but decayed branches and falling leaves can create a problem if left unchecked. Hiring a certified arborist or tree removal specialist ensures that the trees receive proper treatment without risking damage to the rest of the property. As part of a fall inspection, homeowners should also check their insulation to make sure they have enough for colder months.

Professional roofers recommend using a ladder to check for signs of damage. Standing on a roof can create significant problems due to unequal weight distribution. By standing on a ladder, a homeowner can get a clear picture of the roof without risking injury or damage to the materials. Buckled or blistering shingles, excessive granule runoff in the gutters, and loose debris near areas like chimneys and pipes indicate problems.

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