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Roofs should be inspected annually or after severe storms. Although professional roofers can handle the job quickly and efficiently with the proper tools, some homeowners would rather make a roof inspection a DIY project. If a homeowner decides to get out a ladder to clean gutters or perform a quick inspection for damage after a hailstorm, they should adhere to safety guidelines. A fall from even a short roof can cause a life-changing injury, and even the best Raleigh Roofing experts take every precaution necessary to stay safe when on a roof.

Before getting onto the roof, another person should always be present. If the worst should happen, someone can call for emergency services quickly.

The use of an extension ladder is recommended as the easiest and safest way to access the roof. An extension ladder should have some type of stabilizer bar on the top. This helps it grip the roof and allows it to cover a wider area, making for a much more stable anchor. The extension ladder should also have wide feet with rubber grips to allow for firm and stable contact with the crowd.

The roofing contractors at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh can assist you with any questions regarding decks or gutters.

Variable height settings for the feet will allow the ladder to be set up safely even if the ground is uneven. If possible, homeowners should have an assistant pass items back and forth to them instead of carrying items up and down while climbing the ladder.

Once on the roof, care needs to be taken in the presence of any wet or stained spots. This is especially true if the roof has black streaks, which are caused by algae and can get extremely slippery if wet. Homeowners may wish to invest in a pair of roofing shoes. Roofing shoes are made from plastic and strap on to the underside of most shoes. They have small metal cleats designed to give shoes an extra grip on the roof while not damaging the shingles.

Weather considerations need to be taken into account as well. Getting caught on a roof when it starts to rain can lead to dangerous conditions as water can make even roofs with a gentle grade quite hazardous.

If a homeowner is afraid of heights or if unsure they can maneuver on the roof safely, they would do well to leave any roof work to the professionals. Homeowners inexperienced with roofing can create further damage by cracking or loosening tiles while walking on a roof.

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