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Having a home's roof replaced is a significant undertaking. If it is not done properly, damage to the building could be extreme. Roof replacement also represents a significant financial investment. Hiring a professional contractor, such as Raleigh roofing specialist Otto's Exteriors, is essential. Each roof is slightly different and an experienced roofer will know how to handle any unforeseen issues or unexpected challenges.

When first speaking with a potential contractor, many homeowners may be curious about the various steps involved in replacing a roof. An experienced contractor will take the time to explain everything in detail and put the potential client at ease. He or she will carefully explain what is going to be done, why, and how long each step will take to complete. If, on the other hand, the contractor is vague or dismissive, the homeowner should consider this behavior a major red flag and consider getting an estimate from another roofing company.

The first step in the roof replacement process is the removal of the old roof. The shingles and other material are stripped away, leaving a bare, exposed roof structure. The contractor will then carefully examine every inch of the roof. If there are any cracks, rot, or other types of damage, they will be repaired at this point.

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This is an extremely important step. No matter how good the top layer of the roof is, it won't matter if there are weak points underneath.

With the roof structure thoroughly inspected and repaired, it is now time to begin installing the new surface. The first step is to attach what is called the underlayment. If at any point wetness somehow makes it past the shingles, the underlayment will serve to mitigate any damage.

Next, it is finally time to lay down the shingles. Using either an old-fashioned hammer or a modern, powered version, the workers painstakingly attach each shingle. Care is taken to ensure that every row of shingles lines up perfectly with the shape of the roof. This often involves drawing guidelines on the underlayment. Depending on the type of shingle used, each row may either overlap the previous one or fit in flush against it.

The final step in the process is to add flashing. These metal pieces, which are typically fitted at roof edges and transitions, serve to further deflect water. Finally, if fascia boards were taken off during the roof removal process, they are reattached. The project is now complete.

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