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While roofs are designed to allow water to flow freely off them, certain issues can cause water to remain on a roof for an extended period of time. A pool of water that stays stagnant in one spot on the roof for 48 hours is referred to as ponding water. Ponding can have negative consequences that are costly to fix. This is predominantly an issue with flat roofs but can also affect roofs with a minimal slope. Homeowners experiencing a ponding issue need to contact a Raleigh roofing company immediately to have the issue remedied.

Roof ponding needs to be fixed quickly to avoid warping and deformation of the roof deck. A pool of water adds a lot of weight and stress to the roof. Because the pond is located in a single spot, that particular area experiences the most strain. This centralized weight can result in deflections on the roof deck. Deflections worsen the longer the pond remains, eventually collecting more water. This affects the roof's structural integrity and puts it at risk of collapsing.

These pools of water can also affect the surface of the roof. During colder months, ice may begin to form and move around the pond.

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This abrasive action will cause physical damage to the roofing material, requiring repair. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the material has to be replaced.

Another issue that arises from roof ponding is the growth of mold and algae. Algae will thrive in still water. It can grow in a matter of days. The invasive vegetation will penetrate the roofing material and even cause further pooling. If it gets blown off the roof due to high winds, it will clog the gutters and drainage spouts, adding another issue to take care of. While it can be removed, the algae will only reappear until the pond is completely removed.

A professional should fix ponding issues, as the damage can sometimes be evident on the underside of the roof. It may require new roof construction to fully get rid of the pond. Temporary fixes can be used to level off the roof in the meantime. Roofing compounds are used to fill in the pond, restoring the roof's natural flow. However, a full repair will often require roof replacement.

The only way to prevent ponding is to remove any still water that may be present. Ponds take time to form. If it is caught early, homeowners can remove the water and mend the issue before it gets out of hand.

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