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Proper maintenance ensures a roof will last as long as possible. With asphalt shingles capable of lasting up to 30 years, the average homeowner can save a significant amount of money by taking just a few simple steps each year. Unfortunately, because of its location and a general lack of information, some of these maintenance issues go ignored.

Roof inspections should be done twice a year, at a minimum. It's best that they be performed at the end of winter and again at the end of spring, and inspections should also follow any serious storms or signs of leaking. Raleigh roofing experts can be hired to perform these inspections; however, most people can recognize curled, cracked or missing shingles or flashing. If a homeowner notices a leak indoors but there are no noticeable problems with a visual inspection, it will be necessary for someone with experience to get on the roof.

Any missing or damaged components should be replaced before they lead to problems. Cracks and holes allow water, wind and pests to get under a roof, damaging sheathing and potentially creating leaks inside the house. Replacements are often best left to trained professionals because every step taken on shingles or tiles can lead to further damage.

Homeowners should also do a cursory inspection of the plants growing near a house.

The roofing experts at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or decks.

Trees hanging too close to a roof should be trimmed right away. Limbs can easily damage roofing, especially during storms. Sometimes, this work can also be handled from the ground using a telescoping trimmer. Other growth, such as climbing ivy, should be prevented to moving under the shingles with guards or by trimming the plants back.

Gutters filled with leaves and debris cause problems too. Homeowners should take care to keep gutters clean and clear. This is easily done using a sturdy ladder and a thick pair of work gloves. For especially tall gutters, DIYers can rent a cherry picker or hire the job out. Clogged gutters lead to water pooling on a roof, forcing it under shingles and into sheathing where leaks are created. Pooling water can also lead to the development of mold under decking and on top of shingles. Water the flows over the gutter to the ground directly under the home can flood the basement or crawlspace. Over time, this can create foundation problems.

Caring for a roof is serious business. A bad leak can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Periodic checks help prevent financial crises, so homeowners should always work them into their outdoor maintenance schedules.

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