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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Reasons For A New Roof Installation

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Homeowners who think they need to completely re roof their home should learn some simple tips to help them decide if it is really necessary. Re roofing has many advantages, but it is a huge investment that many homeowners wouldn't look forward to. However, if a homeowner does need a new roof, contractors are willing to work with customers to help keep costs down.

One of the greatest advantages of installing a new roof is the immediate increase in the home's value upon completion. If a home currently has equity, a new roof usually adds to that equity. However, if the current roof does not need a full replacement and there is equity currently in the home, the cost of a new roof installation may turn into an unwanted debt. Therefore, a homeowner that is considering installing a new roof only for aesthetic purposes should realize it does not add any extra equity in the home. Contact a Raleigh roofing company for more information regarding a roof's added value.

Storm damage is one of the biggest reasons homeowners install a new roof.

The roofing experts at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding decks or metal roofing.

Heavy wind, rain, hail and snow cause the greatest havoc to any type of roof, including the high end, weather resistant concrete or clay tiles. For the most part, storm damage to a roof stays isolated to one area. Homeowners can have a contractor repair or replace the affected area without a complete installation. However, regions with wild weather patterns take a toll on a roof. Homeowners who live in such regions should contact a contractor if the roof is more than five years old before they decide to completely re roof the home. An expert opinion goes a long way toward saving money.

There are obvious signs that a roof needs a full replacement. Any roof that is more than 20 years old needs a thorough inspection to determine if the roof is past its usefulness. Missing granules that cover asphalt shingles, bald spots, worn or cracked shingles, and faded tiles are obvious signs that a roof may need a full replacement. Homeowners with wood shakes should look for signs of algae or dark spots covering most of the roof's surface. Wood shakes that are past their lifetime usefulness show dark streaks running vertically across the roof. The streaks usually signal mold or algae forming underneath the shakes. If the streaks do exist, homeowners should immediately call a contractor to determine if the entire roof needs replacing.

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