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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Purpose Of A Roof Inspection

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A leaking roof may seem like a minor annoyance for homeowners, but it could be a sign of a larger problem. If ignored, a leak can cause all sorts of havoc. Mold and moisture can eat through the shingles, spread into the insulation, and begin feasting on the rafters and other wooden structures that hold up the roof. When the structure begins to rot, the roof can collapse, the electrical writing can be affected and the family's health will be at risk.

The purpose of a Raleigh roofing inspection is to spot problems in the early stages, give a homeowner a reliable evaluation of the roof's condition, estimate the lifespan of the roof and hand an inspection certificate to the homeowner verifying all those things. In general, a roofing certificate will be good for two to five years depending on the geographical area of the home.

If a homeowner intends on selling the property, a roof inspection certificate can be a good selling point. The buyer won't have to go out and get the inspection themselves. It will already be taken care of. However, the roof should be inspected annually and not just when selling or buying a home. It is important to have a reliable roofing contractor inspect the roof as a normal part of maintenance and upkeep.

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Even a brand new roof cannot be expected to remain problem free throughout its warranty period. Most warranties have a clause that requires regular professional inspections to keep the warranty valid. The warranty may cover the life of the roof. Without the warranty, future problems, especially problems that could be avoided with regular checkups, will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

A contractor will make sure the chimney and dormers are still in good condition. The flashing will be checked for rust, pinholes or spots where it is lifted up. Cracked caulking needs to be redone. Shingle roofs need to be examined for wear, curling or holes. Missing or loose shingles also need be fixed or replaced right away. In the case of asphalt or composite roofs, an inspector will make sure that granule loss isn't excessive. Fascia board also needs to be examined.

A regular inspection of the various elements that can go wrong with a roof will prevent minor problems from getting worse. The written report will note both problems and recommendations, so homeowners will have a good idea of what needs to be done to correct the issues.

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