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When conducting an annual roof inspection, homeowners need to pay attention to the inside of their homes just as much as they do the exterior. Interior inspections often uncover problems. There are five things to look for when conducting an indoor roof inspection: dark patches, light from the outside, active leaks, sagging and aesthetic damage.

The attic offers the clearest picture of what's happening up top. Using a quality flashlight, homeowners should shine the light into the walls and crevices to check for dark spots or trails. Darker staining and trails indicate water buildup or mold, which point to roof damage. Because the dark spots could be mold, homeowners should steer clear of the areas and take pictures instead to show a Raleigh roofing professional.

Next, homeowners can check the attic for light streaming in from the outside. Gaps in the attic that allow light to enter will also allow water to enter. If homeowners see light, then it's a good sign that water has seeped in as well. Even if there's no obvious sign of water damage near the gaps, it's important to have a professional repair the holes quickly to prevent additional damage.

Most leaking starts in the attic, so homeowners need to carefully inspect the entire attic ceiling to determine if there are any active leaks where water is currently dripping or creating a stream.

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Contrary to popular belief, active leaks may not signal the need for a complete roof replacement. A professional roofer will be able to determine the cause. The source of the leak could be from a weak flashing, faulty underlayment or even a few loose shingles. If the leak is detected early enough, a roofer may be able to fix the problem before it destroys the roof.

Over time, water and storm damage can create structural problems for the roof and the support systems beneath it. Structural damage will be obvious based on sagging in the attic. If a homeowner notices any sagging, it's time to call in a professional for a detailed assessment. More than likely, sagging indicates the need for a complete replacement because the structural integrity of the home has been compromised.

Inside the home and apart from the attic, homeowners can check for signs of roof problems by inspecting the walls and ceiling for aesthetic damage. Peeling wallpaper, cracked ceilings, and brown spots are common indicators that signal the need for roof repair or replacement. Once damage reaches the interior to the point that homeowners can see it, the roof requires special attention to prevent further problems. In many cases, particularly those involving asphalt shingle roofs, the roof will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Although homeowners should inspect their roof periodically and especially after a storm, an annual roof inspection by a professional may catch problems the homeowner is unaware of.

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