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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Importance Of Prompt Leak Repair

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It's easy to imagine that a small leak will go away after the rain ceases. However, a leak can often worsen over time, creating problems for a homeowner and potentially leading to a premature roofing system replacement. It is important for leaks to be diagnosed to ensure that a small drip is not reflective of major issues, and Raleigh roofing professionals are well equipped to provide efficient diagnostics and solutions for such problems.

One of the less visible issues that can occur if a leak is not detected and remedied is that of mold and mildew. These materials breed in moist conditions, especially given the high humidity levels in Raleigh throughout the year. Humidity in one's living spaces can be managed through reliable HVAC equipment, but in the roofing system, moisture can be trapped in attic insulation as well as in the deck and underlayment. Allowing mold or mildew to remain in these spaces could affect the indoor air quality of the home, exposing residents to spores that have the potential to trigger allergies. Although some people may not demonstrate any symptoms after exposure to these materials, those whose immune systems are compromised could deal with serious health issues because of unmanaged mold in the home.

Additional concerns with an untreated leak include the infiltration of water into electrical outlets and fixtures.

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Water and electricity together are a dangerous combination, and although boots, protective rubber barriers, are used to keep water away from electrical service and other rooftop features, it is important to note that the rubber can deteriorate. When boots crack, it allows water to infiltrate the area it was supposed to protect. Even if these breaches are well-protected and are not attributed to a leak, wiring in the roofing system could provide a path for water to move along after it infiltrates the area. Take special note of drips near light switches, electrical sockets and light fixtures. It is wise to avoid using these until an electrician can evaluate their integrity and make appropriate replacements as needed.

Structural stability of roofing and wall materials can be undermined by water that is left to cause deterioration. Often, a leak is not noticed until such damage has already reached a significant level. Waiting to make a repair may result in major expenses as damages increase with each further instance of precipitation. One of the best ways to avoid being faced with major repairs is to schedule seasonal roofing maintenance and inspections. A professional inspection each year may ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and fixed promptly.

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