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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Identifying The Source Of A Leak

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Identifying the location of a roof leak can be more of a challenge than you realize. A water stain on the ceiling may not even be an indication that there is a leak directly above it. The most common source of roof leaks are penetrations, which can stem from a chimney, dormer, vents on the roof and more. However, there are a variety of other factors to consider. A Raleigh Roofing GAF Master Elite Contractor might assess whether the leak is only a problem during rainy weather, which could be an indication that the leak is located on the roof itself. If the leak persists even when it's not raining, the source might stem from another issue such as a water supply line.

If a water spot on the ceiling appears to be fresh and it hasn't rained for days, it might be an indicator that the source of the leak is coming from a plumbing line. In many cases, if the water stain appears dirty, the cause might be a leaky roof. If there is an attic inside the home, a contractor will most likely remove any insulation in front of the leak and try to identify whether there are wet spots in-between the roof joists. If there are any spots of sun shining through the attic, the contractor will determine the specific spot of the leak on the exterior of the roof.

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If there is a water trail or stain inside the attic area, it might be easy to spot the source of the leak. However, if there are no visible holes, it might be an indicator that the source of the leak is coming from underneath the roof flashing itself.

An examination of the roof exterior might also reveal the source of the seepage. The contractor will begin at the top and work down to the lowest parts of the structure. They will examine the valley flashing, any plumbing vents and gaskets, the circumference of the chimney and dormer vents. Damaged shingles will need to be replaced. If shingles appear to be raised or bulging, the gap beneath may be the entrance for moisture. The contractor will check any areas on top of the roof where two different materials join together such as in between the siding or flashing. Corroded materials often appear in these areas because they are an easy place for water to collect. If water becomes backed up underneath the flashing, it can cause a leak in the ceiling.

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