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Raleigh Roofing: Article About How Professionals Fix Leaky Shingle Roofs

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There are many types of roofing materials that can be used on houses such as asphalt shingles, tiles and metal. When it comes time to fix a leak, each of these materials requires a different course of action. It's always recommended that homeowners call Raleigh roofing professionals for any type of roofing repair. A professional repairman will have the knowledge and proper equipment to fix a leaky asphalt shingle roof, and their work is usually guaranteed.

Fixing asphalt shingle leaks is generally easier than making repairs to other types of roofs. One reason is that it's easier to pinpoint the cause of the leak. When locating the leak, professionals look for areas on the roof where the shingles are missing, curled or damaged. These breaks or gaps can form anywhere, including in areas where the shingles come into contact with other objects such as vents or chimneys. If the leak can't be easily identified, professionals have special equipment that can be used to locate leaks.

If an asphalt shingle is simply curled, it can be reattached to the house using roof cement. This strong adhesive can usually be applied to the curled shingle using a caulking gun. Fixing a curled shingle is only attempted during warm weather because asphalt shingles become extremely brittle when they are cold.

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The warm weather makes them pliable and easy to handle. While on the roof, a repairman will look for gaps in the metal lining that goes around the chimney and other fixtures on the roof. Often, gaps between the metal lining and the fixtures can cause leaks.

If a shingle is completely missing, rotten or torn, it will need to be replaced with a new one. A shingle is considered rotten if it can be removed from the roof without much effort. Replacing a shingle requires the professional to remove the shingle that has been damaged. This can be done my lifting the edges of the shingle and removing the nails that hold it in place with a pry bar. Once the shingle is removed, a new one can be placed into the gap. It's important for the professional to make sure that the front edge of the shingle aligns with the others on each side of it and behind it since the shingles protect the underlayment beneath. Properly aligned shingles are important for weatherproofing.

If an area of the roof has a lot of rotten shingles, a professional should be called immediately. This could be a sign that the structure needs a new roof. If the homeowner allows leaks to persist and doesn't have missing or rotten shingles replaced, it could result in interior damage to the home.

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