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After a storm, many homeowners want to have their roofs inspected for damage, but they are unsure who is the person best qualified for the job. Homeowners want to know that the inspector is not simply finding problems in order to increase revenues. Fortunately for Raleigh roofing customers, an independent certifying agency trains roofers in scientifically based damage evaluation for storm damage and normal wear and tear.

HAAG certified inspectors are respected as authoritative sources of information on storm damage in the roofing and the insurance industry. These inspectors have undergone hundreds of hours of training and have passed a rigorous exam in order to earn their initial certification. Certifications must be renewed every five years by completing ongoing education and exams. Their certifications cover residential and commercial roofs. They are familiar with every kind of roofing material from asphalt to fiber cement and metal. By choosing a HAAG certified inspector, homeowners can be confident that they are receiving a correct evaluation of their roof's condition.

Many roofing contractors also choose to become HAAG certified so they can assess with accuracy the damage done to a roof by wind and hail and provide the very best roofing experience to their customers. There are several advantages for homeowners who choose HAAG certified roofers.

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The biggest advantage is that a HAAG certified roofer has the ability and the credentials to meet with an insurance adjuster on the owner's behalf after a storm. These roofers have been known to go the distance and get the best settlement for their clients after a storm. A professional roofer proficient in damage assessment can present their findings to the adjuster and back them up with their expertise and knowledge. Having credentials as both an inspector and a roofer mean that the contractor can quickly and accurately determine what needs to be fixed as well as perform the repairs correctly the first time.

When in need of roofing repair, many homeowners look to the Internet to check reviews for the contractor they are considering, but savvy homeowners know that they must look deeper in order to find the best contractor for their home improvement and repairs. By choosing a roofer who has the ability to correctly determine what really needs to be done as well as the knowledge and experience to correctly make the necessary repairs, homeowners can be confident they will get an excellent value and a job well done.

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