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When homeowners need an entirely new roof, the amount of waste that accumulates in their yard is substantial. All the shingles, flashing, underlayment and fasteners must be removed and disposed of in a careful manner. Raleigh roofing professionals try to take a step further to help the Earth out with environmentally friendly practices. There are several ways to make a roofing project less of an impact on local landfills and environment as a whole.

One of the lengthiest parts to a roofing project is the preparation and design. Homeowners want contractors to have a clear design and plan ready for the property before they even step on the roof. Smart planning alleviates waste from mistakes such as broken shingles caused by poor nail guide line adherence. All workers should have a strict design to apply across the roof, making the project streamlined with little waste.

Make sure the contractor recycles the shingles. Of all the materials on a roofing job site, shingles can be easily recycled at the proper facilities. When these materials are just thrown out, landfills quickly fill and cause more harm to the environment.

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Contractors may pile the old shingles in the yard until the removal process is complete, for instance. The materials will be removed by large truck to enter a recycling facility afterward.

Although most roof flashing is reattached after installing the new shingles, there may be a few pieces that don't work well with the overall design. Because flashing is made from various metals, it's easily recycled. Roofers should stack the discarded flashing in a separate pile from the shingles, allowing a metal recycling company to pick up the scraps. Flashing is melted down and turned into useful items instead of creating more trash in the world.

Talk to the roofer about the new shingles' durability before installation. Most shingles have a manufacturer's warranty of several decades. Although it may be more expensive, try to purchase the shingles with the longest lifespan. Homeowners want the materials to last as long as possible to save on improvement costs and environmental impact. One roof could last an entire generation when properly installed and maintained.

As homeowners ask for quotes on their roof, they should also inquire about environmental practices. Not all contractors use recycling and reuse programs so find the select few who do make the environment a priority. The home can still have a quality installation without harming the Earth unnecessarily.

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