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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Factors That Affect A Roof's Cost

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It is difficult to determine exactly what a new roof will cost. Besides the price of the shingles or metal planks, many factors will affect the total cost. The bottom line varies from the existing roof's condition to its style and slope. There is no such thing as an average roofing job. What a homeowner likes and needs won't be the same as their neighbors. Therefore, comparing what others on the same street paid to have a new roof installed a year or two prior may not be accurate.

Differences in the pitch of the roof, the condition of the existing materials and any special features a homeowner wants will all contribute to the final cost. Shingle charges can vary widely, depending on the material they are made from and their coatings. Dormers, skylights, improving the attic's ventilation or adding other features to the roof will make each Raleigh roofing job unique. Therefore, the best way for homeowners to get a reliable estimate is to have a licensed contractor assess the structure and give them a realistic idea of what they can expect to pay.

Roofing figures are calculated on several factors in addition to the shingles.

The roofing experts at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding metal roofing or shingle roofing.

One of the most obvious is the size and dimension of the roof. A large home or a two story house will be more expensive because it will require more material and time. The pitch and slope of the existing roof are also a consideration. The steeper the incline, the more materials it will take to cover the roof. However, one of the largest factors is the condition of the existing structure. Older homes tend to have structural damage that needs to be repaired before a new roof can be installed. Labor costs will be higher, especially if the style has a lot of angles and valleys.

Another major concern is whether the roof is being stripped or whether a new layer of shingles is simply being put over the top of the existing shingles. It is less expensive to add a new layer. However, if this has been done before and there are now two or three layers of roofing that needs to be torn off, labor costs will be higher than average due to the extra stripping required. The structural foundation of a roof cannot handle more than two or three layers of roofing. In such cases, those layers will have to come off before a new roof is installed.

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