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As individuals become increasingly concerned about protecting the environment, more homeowners are interested in learning about roofing materials that are environmentally friendly. The term "green roof" refers to a roof where actual plants are grown atop a waterproof membrane that covers all or part of the roof, which helps to absorb rainwater, provide excellent insulation and lower urban air temperatures. However, homeowners who may not be ready to take such a drastic step and transform their roof into a modern garden can still contribute to the planet in a variety of other ways.

Roofs are some of the biggest culprits of the greenhouse effect because as the sun hits the surface of the roof, it reflects the light back in all directions, contributing to atmosphere erosion. An additional problem develops with roofs that are poorly insulated because the air conditioner has to be run more often during the summer, which also affects the environment in an adverse way.

Fortunately, homeowners do not have to pick between choosing an environmentally friendly roof or one that looks attractive and is durable.

The expert roofers at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh NC can assist you with any questions regarding decks or gutters.

A Raleigh roofing expert can provide a great overview about which materials are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than others and can help homeowners stay within their budget. Some homeowners might be surprised to learn about which roofing materials may be better for the environment apart from truly green roofs or cool roofs.

For example, built up roofs are incredibly insulating and can be considered cool roofs if specific materials are selected. Special roof coatings that are applied in a factory or onsite can be installed on almost any type of roofing material and cause the roof to reflect a large percentage of ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere. Modified bitumen can be applied either as the primary roofing system or as a layer to improve the insulation capabilities of the roof.

One of the best options that helps protect the environment while maintaining excellent durability is a metal roof, especially if it is painted in a light color. In many cases, metal roofing products are made from recycled materials as well. Roofing pavers can reflect well over 78 percent of UV rays. Even shingles and shakes are known to reflect heat, especially if they are coated with reflective pigments. Tile is incredibly durable and often comes from recycled material. Its shape and composition allows for adequate ventilation, and it is a great insulator.

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