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It is extremely important to ensure that there is proper ventilation in an attic so that the home is a comfortable temperature year-round. The free flow of fresh air is not only critical to the maintenance of the correct temperature, but making sure that the home stays warm in colder seasons can actually save money on heating costs as well. Understanding and being able to know whether a roof is appropriately ventilated can make it easier for homeowners to know when it is necessary to call Raleigh roofing professionals for assistance.

A roof that is well ventilated should typically last longer than a non-ventilated or improperly ventilated roof. The lack of ventilation can lead to the growth of mold and mildew that are created by warm hair and humidity. Should moisture develop and become stuck under the roof, the roof decking can weaken and the slats may become cracked, leading to a more fragile roof. In addition, when warm air gathers in the attic and begins to melt away the snow on the roof, ice dams may also form if the weather becomes colder and the melted snow freezes again.

There are several types of roof ventilation available, from basic static vents to modern power vents. However, the most effective exhaust ventilation option is provided by a ridge vent, named for the placement along the ridges of the roof where it is installed. To provide intake ventilation, homeowners may install soffit vents along the eaves or along the underside of the overhang of the roof.

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Gable vents that work in conjunction with a fan are also an option, and some homeowners choose to install roof vents higher on the surface of the roof.

Installing vents is a smart decision that homeowners can make to save themselves from roof damage and other roof-related expenses. While the process is most often completed by professionals, there are several basic recommendations for handy homeowners. First, if half of the vent openings are situated along the rides while the other half are located along the soffits, allow one foot of intake ventilation and exhaust for every 300 square feet or roof space. On the other hand, if a homeowner has installed soffit vents, one foot of ventilation is typically enough for every 150 square feet of the attic floor. Additionally, it is often recommended that homeowners leave a minimum of one inch of space between the insulation, the soffit vents and the roof sheathing.

It is also important to consult with a licensed roofing provider or company to ensure that the attic and roof ventilation is compliant with local regulations. Depending on the climate zone in which the homeowner resides, there are different requirements and codes for roofing ventilation. Proper vents allow cool air to travel into the attic through the conduit, and warm, moist air is released through the vent to regulate the temperature.

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