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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Curved Roof Advantages

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Some homeowners are not satisfied with a cookie cutter roofing template, instead interested in the opportunity to think outside of the box, so to speak. Raleigh roofing professionals can provide homeowners with just about any custom job necessary, so many homeowners like to take that opportunity to invest in curved roofing. Sloping roofs are a unique option that can provide individuals with a variety of advantages over other, more traditional roofing systems.

To begin, one of the most immediate advantages that come with this style is the superior water runoff it can provide. Homes with a sloped roof will enjoy a solid and durable surface that establishes a gradual degree of runoff, keeping water and snow off the roof's surface, where it could cause potential damage.

The curve of the roof itself can also provide homeowners with passive cooling benefits. How much heat a building conducts depends largely on the angle of the sun's rays. When the rays are directly facing a surface, heat is conducted in a straightforward way. When those rays meet a surface at an angle, however, the rays are reflected in an arc back to the sky, resulting in less heat conduction. Solar heat is usually at its strongest between 10 AM and 3 PM, and depending on the orientation of the building, the curved roof can reduce roof heat by a significant amount.

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In addition to the inherent cooling benefits, the curve of the roof itself is structurally stronger than other angled roofing options. This means that no matter what tiles or roofing materials are used in the construction, they will be effective so long as they are set around the roof's shape. Curved roofs have more angles to evenly distribute the weight along, which means that the curve is already structurally sound.

Finally, homeowners will be able to enjoy all of the aesthetic opportunities that come with such a roof. One of the most interesting things about these rooftops is how many unique coverings may be chosen based on the homeowner's desired results. They may invest in metal tiles, asphalt shingles or any variety of synthetic plastic materials, all supplemented with a DPC ribbon installation to provide even more water protection. Through this type of roofing, homeowners may also choose to invest in dormers and other installations that can add further depth and character to the surface of the roof. The design possibilities are endless, and while the installation may be more expensive, the inherent advantages make this type of roofing worth it.

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