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There are several good reasons to modify a flat roof into a pitched one. Also referred to as a sloped roof, a pitched roof enhances the home's curb appeal and can provide more living space. Many structural problems can be solved when a flat roof is eliminated, and a pitched roof usually requires less maintenance. The aesthetics of the home can be changed drastically by switching to a sloped roof, but personal preference is the determining factor in this case. A Raleigh Roofing expert will carefully assess whether replacing a flat roof with a sloped one will be beneficial to the structure of the home.

Flat roofs require specific roofing materials and upkeep that are completely different than sloped roofs. Since flat roofs only have a slight slope, they can experience problems such as collecting standing water and sagging, especially in areas that receive a lot of rain and snow. They can also have problems in vulnerable places such as where the roof planes meet the walls of the house. A flat roof that is installed on a commercial building typically features higher-end materials than a flat roof installed on a residential home, mainly because commercial building codes are much stricter than residential building codes.

There are many different ways to convert a flat roof into a pitched one.

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In some cases, a contractor might leave the old roof in place and simply cover it with a new layer, and in other cases, the entire roof will be removed and rebuilt. If the old roof is not removed, the cost will be less expensive, and the homeowner will not be required to leave the home during the installation. However, tearing down the existing roof also allows for special features like vaulted ceilings or attic spaces to be installed. It might be necessary for the contractor to remove the existing roof if the walls cannot support the combined weight of both layers.

A roof conversion might be beneficial because older roofs pose maintenance problems and can experience recurring issues. Newer roofs can be easier to ventilate and insulate. Flat roofs typically have no ventilation, which can make attaining a high R-value more difficult. If a flat roof has existing damage that requires repair and the costs of the repairs are extensive, it may be just as cost-effective to convert the roof into a pitched one. Pitched roofs tend to have greater longevity as well, which can allow for added savings in the future.

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