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Shingles are a common roofing material that protect the underlayment of a roof from damage. Roofs are exposed to an array of damaging factors from harsh weather to falling tree branches. When a shingle becomes damaged, the entire roof becomes vulnerable. It is important for homeowners to be mindful of even the smallest issue as it can lead to bigger problems down the line. Homeowners can get professional inspections from a Raleigh roofing company to ensure that their roof is always in good shape. Even without the help of a professional, homeowners should learn to look out for certain potential roof problems.

The most obvious sign of damage is broken shingles. Shingles can easily become damaged from excessive wear and exposure to the elements. They are known to deteriorate simply from sun exposure. Cracks severely reduce the shingle's durability and protection. It only takes a small amount of water to get underneath a shingle to cause issues.

Buckled shingles indicate that water has already infiltrated the roof decking. Buckling can occur from a number of different issues such as faulty installation and poor ventilation. As water gets underneath the shingle, it will become noticeably warped.

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An abundance of buckled shingles may indicate that there is a bigger underlying issue. There is a chance that water has pooled on the roof decking, requiring a full roof replacement.

Shingles that become curled at the edges show signs of improper installation. Curled shingles can occur from bad nail placement or a lack of back coating. Poor ventilation will also cause shingles to curl up. Curling presents a big issue in terms of water protection because moisture can easily leak underneath the curled edge and into the home.

An abundance of granules in a roof gutter means that there is a problem with the surface of the shingles. Granules cover the entire surface of asphalt and fiberglass shingles. They can fall off from excessive wear. While it is normal for granules to fall off from time to time, it is not normal for shingles to experience excessive loss. Without granules, shingles aren't doing their job. They pose a threat to the overall protection of the roof.

By knowing what to look for, homeowners can avoid bigger issues. Shingle damage shouldn't be taken lightly. Homeowners should have shingles fixed as soon as they experience any damage. Luckily, replacing damaged shingles is an easy task that can be completed by a professional.

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