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When calculating the costs associated with installing a new roof, whether commercial or residential, there are different factors to take into consideration. Specific requirements may differ from the requirements another house or commercial building in the same area has. Special features, such as the installation of solar shingles or dormer windows on an attic, can affect the way the roof is installed. When a Raleigh Roofing contractor assesses how much it will cost to install a new roof or repair an existing roof that has damage, several factors will be taken into account. The cost of roofing materials can often be estimated by examining the ground perimeter of a home or building.

The contractor will climb onto the roof and examine the slope and pitch as well as if there is any roof blistering or other damage. Roofs that have steeper pitches typically require more materials in their construction. An older home may also reveal signs of deterioration within the structure, which could require an increase in labor costs. Different materials also cost different amounts, and the homeowner can decide which materials will deliver the best results, based on their personal preference and budget.

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Some materials look better than others, but if a more fragile type is used, such as tile, the budget should contain a contingency for breakage during the installation of the new roof.

Having a roof stripped is much more difficult in terms of labor than applying a new layer to the existing surface. Some materials weigh more than others such as slate. This might require a tear-off of an existing layer, even if there are only one or two layers on the roof. Often, heavier materials will require reinforcement of the structure as well.

Homes or buildings that are two stories or more in design will cost more than a single-story home. Attached dwellings or town homes may be harder structures for a roofer to access. The area's local climate will also be a factor in determining which materials to use. Some products are designed to withstand intense weather conditions such as heavy snowfall, hurricane winds and severe heat. While these materials tend to cost more, they will most likely be worth it in the end because the roof will not damage as easily. A contractor will also assess the basic shape of the roof as well as any features that complicate the breakup of its profile such as skylights, vent covers and a chimney. This should provide the contractor with an accurate overview of how much the roof instillation will cost.

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