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Buckled shingles present a number of problems for the overall protection of a roof. They create a vulnerable spot at which water can penetrate the roof deck. Water can then seep into the attic space and cause structural damage inside the home. Buckled shingles can be caused by a number of issues, often leaving homeowners confused as to what the source of the problem is. By understanding how buckling occurs, homeowners are better equipped to prevent the issue from reoccurring and take actions to fix it, such as calling a Raleigh roofing company to replace the affected shingles.

Many times, buckling occurs due to faulty installation of one of the roofing components. Improperly installed felt can cause buckling by rising. Felt should be stretched taut when it is attached to the roof deck. Failing to do this will cause the felt to wrinkle and rise, taking the shingles with it. This also occurs when underlayment is not laid flat. Underlayment has an adhesive backing that is supposed to be applied smoothly. If the underlayment is applied haphazardly, it will rise and stick to itself, causing the buckling effect on the shingles above it.

Buckling can also occur due to the home itself.

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In some cases, movement in the roof deck causes buckling. The deck can move due to poor fastening. It is also known to move when a leak finds its way underneath the shingles. The movement will shift all of the shingles, creating the effect. Poor ventilation in the attic can also cause buckling due to a buildup in moisture. A lack of ventilation will cause the moisture to condensate. It then damages everything from the framing of the home to the roof deck. Water can eventually become trapped between the underlayment and the shingles, causing them to buckle.

The best way to treat fix buckled shingles is to have a professional replace them. In doing so, the underlayment and felt can be fixed to prevent the issue from happening again. Alternatively, moisture in the roofing system can be removed. Once it has reached an optimal moisture level, the roof will flatten.

To prevent shingles from buckling again, homeowners should take every precaution possible. This includes having a licensed professional inspect the roof to ensure that the underlayment and felt are applied correctly. Installation of an attic ventilation system will also help keep moisture out of the roof deck. By taking the proper precautions, homeowners can better prepare their roof and home to avoid the issue in the future.

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