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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Best Roofing Material For Summer Heat

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Homeowners can ask any Raleigh roofing expert. Choosing the right roof for a house can dramatically reduce the home's average power consumption. There are certain roofs that homeowners can use to keep their homes cooler during the summer months, reducing their cooling costs. The trick is choosing the right roofing material to not only beat the heat but also give the house the desired appearance.

One option for homeowners is Spanish-style terracotta roofs. This material not only stands up well against the test of time, but its light color also keeps roofs from retaining as much heat as darker roofs, such as asphalt. Another reason why terracotta roofs keep homes cool is that each tile is baked in a half-barrel shape. This allows air to circulate underneath the tiles, which prevents the roofs from trapping heat.

A more unusual type of roofing is living or green roofs. These types of roofs use waterproof membranes filled with vegetation and soil to keep homes cool. This type of roof is a sharp contrast to existing asphalt roofs, which hold in heat and cause homes to work harder to stay cool. Another great thing about organic roofs is that they release oxygen into the air, essentially lowering the carbon footprint of homes.

Rubber roofing might sound like a terrible roofing material in terms of keeping a home cool during the hot summer months, but it is actually the opposite.

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Rubber roofs often consist of a single-ply, white rubber-like material made from strong, weatherproof thermoplastic. This synthetic rubber is often referred to as EPDM. While this material helps the roof last a long time, the white coloring of the material reflects the sun's rays instead of absorbing them. It's the same concept as why wearing a white shirt during the summer keeps people cooler than wearing a black one.

Possibly one of the best choices for homeowners is white metal roofing. While this type of roofing costs around 30 percent more than traditional roofing, the benefits far outweigh the cons. White metal roofing reflects nearly 66 percent of all the sun's rays. Also, metal roofing holds less heat and cools much faster at night.

When homeowners choose one of the above roofing materials, they are actively doing their part to lower their power bills during the summer months. Traditional roofing material, such as asphalt, is becoming dated compared to some of the new materials that homes are using. These other materials stand up better to the weather and are typically better for the environment.

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