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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Avoiding Wind Damage

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Whether the result of a spring thunderstorm or the howling cold of winter, strong winds can cause havoc and substantial damage to the exterior of Raleigh homes. Straight winds, wind gusts, swirling wind and debris flying through the air all present significant risks to a roof that is not properly sealed and protected from such weather conditions. In addition, wind storms accompanied by precipitation in the form of rain, snow, sleet and ice can result in water damage.

The roof of the home is an important layer of protection for the physical structure, its contents and the home's occupants. While an important armor for the home, the exposed roof is constantly subjected to a variety of weather conditions. Homeowners who proactively keep their roof in good condition and prepare for extreme winds will reduce their risk of costly roof damage.

A great first step to avoiding wind damage is an inspection of the roof by a licensed and insured Raleigh roofing contractor. During the inspection, the contractor will make sure all layers of the existing roof have been properly installed, including the sheathing, flashing and shingles. Any existing damage will be identified and repaired.

The expert roofers at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or decks.

If the roof is in substantial disrepair or has aged to the point of replacement, homeowners should consider a new roofing system that will stand up to changing weather conditions throughout the year. GAF Materials Corporation offers an Advanced Protection Shingle. This product is the perfect combination of weight and performance to provide the best protection for the roof, the home's protective armor. The GAF Advanced Protection Shingle incorporates three important elements, including wind uplift resistance.

Even homes with the most protective and professionally installed roofing systems can experience damage due to unusually excessive winds. After the storm has passed, a routine check of the roof is necessary to make sure that no destruction occurred.

Signs of storm damage that are visible from the ground include missing shingles, pieces of flashing or fascia on the ground or missing asphalt from shingles that remain attached. The homeowner should look for branches that have fallen on the roof, potentially causing harm to the roof surface.

Homeowners should be cautious when inspecting their roof. Wet surfaces combined with high ladders can be dangerous for those not specifically trained. Instead of risking injury, the homeowner can contact their roofing contractor to inspect the roof using standard safety practices.

The roofing contractor will work with the homeowner and the homeowner's insurance agent to quickly and efficiently repair any wind damage. The roof, once reinforced, will be ready to protect once again the home during future windy days and nights.

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