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There are many factors that make Advanced Protection Timberline (APT) asphalt shingles one of the best on the market. North America's largest roofing manufacturer, GAF, employs quality assurance professionals to perform more than 185 individual tests on their APT asphalt shingles. The result is a Raleigh roofing shingle that is tough, flexible, fire-resistant, ultra-adhesive and stubbornly resistant to winds in excess of 150 mph, which is the same as a Category 4 hurricane.

AC438 is a new acceptance criterion designed to meet the spirit of the most stringent building code requirements in the areas of long-term durability, resistance to extreme temperatures over a long period of time and performance under sustained heavy rains. GAF Advanced Protection shingles were the first to ever pass these tests. What enables these shingles to pass the toughest tests? It starts with fiberglass mat at the heart of the shingle. The orientation of the fibers, an industry secret, provides the ultimate in durability and strength. Next, GAF applies advanced process control to the top, weathering, layer of the shingle. This optimizes waterproofing and eliminates the need for excess asphalt on the underlying layers used in ordinary shingles. The excess asphalt increases weight without offering any functional benefit.

In order to bind the individual shingle components, filler is mixed with asphalt.

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GAF uses premium limestone, which keeps the amount of limestone required down to a minimum. In ordinary shingles, excess limestone adds weight without increasing performance and may even increase the possibility of cracking. Altogether, GAF Advanced Protection shingles are composed of eight layers of material: two composite layers of granules, weathering asphalt, fiberglass mat, non-weathering asphalt and Dura-Grip proprietary adhesive.

A pile of shingles on a rooftop is useless without a strong adhesive. GAF uses a proprietary Dura-Grip adhesive. This makes every GAF Advanced Protection shingle able to pass the industry's two most demanding wind tests, which are 110 mph and 150 mph. Shingles made using ordinary, old-fashioned technology do not always pass these tests.

GAF is committed to protecting the environment; Advanced Protection shingles are designed with this in mind. GAF uses less limestone and other natural resources in the construction of these shingles. Additionally, GAF actually goes so far as to optimize the weight of each shingle to reduce fuel consumption and transportation waste. Finally, GAF actively promotes recycling by promoting a new program that allows contractors to reuse shingles in road construction, repair and maintenance.

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