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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Asphalt Shingles

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For the last several decades, asphalt shingles have dominated the roofing market as the most popular choice among cost-conscious homeowners. Even consumers with a little more money to spend often opt for asphalt over pricier products like wood and slate because asphalt requires a lower upfront investment. While cost is certainly one big factor to consider when re-roofing a home, consumers should think about other aspects as well. Fortunately, asphalt shingles offer significant advantages in addition to their economic value.

Slate and wood often get touted by specialty roofers for their durability, and while these roofing materials do last longer than a lifetime in some cases, any Raleigh roofing professional will tell you that asphalt shingles enjoy a decent life expectancy. Properly maintained and routinely repaired, asphalt shingle roofs will last up to about 20 years. This means that many homeowners will never have to replace their roof entirely depending on when they buy a house and the condition of the roof when they move in. Asphalt comes with a handful of caveats about wind and rain damage, but a well-maintained asphalt roof needs to be replaced only once every couple of decades.

When an asphalt roof does need repairs or replacing, homeowners have the advantage of being able to find the right parts and contractor.

The roofers at Otto's Exteriors of Raleigh can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or decks.

As a universally popular roofing material, asphalt can be installed by most licensed roofing contractors quickly and easily. Other materials like clay tiles and metal require specialized skills and customized parts.

Routine upkeep is also straightforward with asphalt since visual inspections are usually enough to ensure that everything's in good condition. Despite what some may have heard about asphalt's impact on the environment, most of the materials used in asphalt roofing can be recycled. Even if a homeowner needed to replace the whole roof, it would cost less to install two asphalt roofs than it would to install one slate roof.

Asphalt gets a bad rap for being less attractive than its more aesthetically pleasing peers like slate, but modern asphalt shingles offer greater versatility than many roofing products. Asphalt is made from either organic material or fiberglass, and it comes in three styles: 3-tab, laminated or architectural, and premium. Depending on the style of the home and the preferences of the homeowner, asphalt can be customized to look more expensive than it costs. Layered asphalt installed by a skilled contractor can even resemble high-end materials like slate or wood.

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