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Raleigh Roofing: Article About Advanced Protection Shingles Vs Traditional Shingles

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GAF Advanced Protection Shingles have certain benefits over traditional shingles. They are lightweight, fire resistant and durable, and many Raleigh roofing contractors offer them for residential homes. These technologically advanced shingles are extensively tested for durability against the sun, severe thunderstorms and extreme temperature fluctuations. The sun is the primary reason shingles deteriorate. As the sun beats down on the shingles, it slowly dries the asphalt, which leads to granule loss. When a significant portion of the granules are lost, water starts to pool on the shingles, which leads to further deterioration.

Severe thunderstorms and high winds can dislodge granules and lift them from the sheathing. Extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations can cause the shingles to expand and contract, leading to weatherization. GAF Advanced Protection Shingles pass the AC438 test, which is one of the most stringent tests for shingle performance against weathering.

Traditional shingles are heavier and not as durable. They deteriorate in the sun and can lose granules in extreme thunderstorms and wind. However, they are often less expensive to install than GAF Advanced Protection Shingles.

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GAF Advanced Protection Shingles are comprised of five layers, including the top later of asphalt granules, a layer of weathering asphalt, a fiberglass mat, a layer of non weathering asphalt and an adhesive layer that bonds the shingles to the roof. Traditional shingles contain the same layers, but they do not have the adhesive layer that bonds the shingles to the roof. Instead, traditional asphalt shingles are only nailed into place.

The fiberglass mats on GAF shingles are constructed for maximum durability. This is accomplished by ensuring that the glass fibers are oriented in a very specific way. Because the fibers are specifically oriented, GAF shingles do not require extra asphalt to meet industry standards. Fiberglass mats for traditional shingles must be coated in extra asphalt in order to meet industry standards for roofing. The extra asphalt translates into extra weight and transportation costs.

All shingles have some type of filler. However, traditional asphalt shingles contain an abnormal amount of filler that can lead to cracks and reduced lifespan if applied excessively. GAF Advanced Protection Shingles have been researched, studied and tested to find the optimal amount of limestone needed to create the perfect asphalt and limestone filler.

GAF Advanced Protection Shingles use a special Dura Grip adhesive on the underside of the shingles. This increases the shingle's wind resistance to 150 miles per hour. Traditional asphalt shingles are usually rated between 60 and 130 miles per hour.

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