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5 Things to Know About Otto's

RaleighResidentialContractor.Com is a leader in North Carolina roofing. Get to know our company Otto's Exterior's a little better with 5 facts you didn't know.

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Founded in 2007, RaleighResidentialContractor.Com is a residential contracting service which installs roofs, siding, windows, and more. 

Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, we serve the communities of Wake Forest, Rolesville, Durham, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale, Cary, Garner, Holly Spring, and of course, Raleigh.

As a knowledgeable and experienced company, we seek to offer the utmost of professionalism and service.

With a focus on environmentally-friendly working habits, our team and partners strive to update your home without disturbing your community or surroundings.

But this information just scratches the surface about who we are as a company. Here are 5 other things to know about RaleighResidentialContractor.Com. 

1. We Offer a Variety of Residential Services

When it comes to updating homes, there is no shortage of services offered by our company. From roof updating to siding installation, to window installation and more, RaleighResidentialContractor.com provides residential services of all kinds.

As Owens Corning Preferred and GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors, we have proven that we have what it takes to install roofing that is both aesthetically-pleasing and effective.

We are recognized as a Preferred James Hardie Contractor, showing that we take great care in installing siding that's durable, functional, and beautiful. In addition to being recognized as such, we are also certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute as professional siding installers.

When it comes to window installation, we make use of windows from Atrium Windows; a North Carolina company that's been around since 1946. Capable of installing a number of sizes and styles of windows, we ensure that they are designed to be as efficient as possible.

Regardless of what service we perform for you, we aim to do it until you are completely satisfied with our work. Nothing matters more to us than the care and well-being of your home. 

2. We're Completely Trained

As professional residential contractors, we here at Otto’s Exterior’s, have completed all major manufacturer training.

Our training includes a GAF Master Elite Contractor Program, an Owens Corning Preferred Contractors designation for roofing products, and a James Hardie preferred contractor designation for our work with siding installation. 

These training programs prove our ability to work professionally on the homes and properties of others. 

Our training and manufacturer Preferred Contractor Designation, as well as our history of good reviews, show us to be professional and effective residential contractors who get the job done in an efficient manner.  

3. We're Insured

At Otto’s Exterior’s, we're completely insured and manufacturer trained to do work on the homes and properties of our customers. 

Unfortunately, this is not so for all residential contractors. 

While it's required by law in North Carolina for residential contractors to have certain insurances, some contractors still attempt to work without it. 

Contractors who work without workman's comp insurance essentially make the homeowner responsible for any injuries that may occur on the premises. This means that, if an injury occurs to an uninsured contractor, the owner of the property in which the injury takes place may have to take legal responsibility for it. 

This is not a responsibility that you want to leave yourself open to. Not only is it potentially costly, but time-consuming as well. 

The other type of insurance that's often held by residential contractors is liability insurance. This insurance covers the costs of any damages done to your home during construction. 

Again, you don't want to leave yourself legally vulnerable when it comes to damage to your home. 

It may be tempting to hire an uninsured contractor so that you can save some money, but the potential legal ramifications that come with it make you too vulnerable for it to be worthwhile. 

By hiring a fully insured contractor like Otto’s Exterior’s (RaleighResidentialContractor.Com), you can rest easy knowing that you are not legally obligated to cover any damages. 

4. We Take All Necessary Measures to Protect the Condition of Your Home

While insurance will cover the expense of damages after the fact, it's best to avoid damage in the first place.

Here at Otto’s Exterior’s (RaleighResidentialContractor.Com), we take every measure possible to keep your home safe and protected. 

To keep your gutters in pristine condition while we're fixing your roof, we will make use of stabilizers that keep our ladders from placing too much tension on them. If despite this measure, your gutters suffer any damage, we will absolutely cover the costs of any repairs. 

In cases of poor weather during construction, we're always sure to have tarps on hand to cover your roof. This will protect your roof from any major water damage. 

We also bring along our own waste containers so that you won't have discarded materials strewn about your yard.

The well-being of your home is being placed into our hands, and we take that responsibility seriously. 

Do they have a permanent local address?

Working with a local company will allow you to have consistent, reliable contact with them. Oftentimes when there is bad weather, which can result in many opportunities for contractors, companies from other towns or states will come in looking for work.

The problem with this is that they can be harder to reach and farther away if something comes up. If something bad happens or needs to be fixed, that company won't be able to help you as easily, or at all, like a company with a local address could..

5. We Offer Free Consultations and Estimates Before Any Work is Begun

At RaleighResidentialContractor.com, we ensure that you're aware of the estimated costs of our services before we begin working on your home. 

To do this, we look over your home and consult you about what exactly needs to be done. We'll talk about everything from the cost of materials, to the cost of labor, and otherwise. 

Believe it or not, this is not true of every residential contractor. Many contractors will begin working without giving you an estimate, tacking on additional costs that are completely unnecessary. 

In essence, these contractors rip you off. 
Our estimates are completely free, and we go to extra lengths to ensure that they are as accurate as possible. 

We aim to be as transparent as possible with all budding clients. 

Put the Well-Being of Your Home in the Hands of Otto's Exterior's at RaleighResidentialContractor.Com

If you live in the Raleigh, North Carolina area and are looking to update your siding, roofing, or windows, we here at RaleighResidentialContractor.Com have got you covered.

With years of experience and knowledge on our side, we'll deliver results in an efficient and professional manner. 

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